Lightning Roulette Review by Evolution Gaming

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lightning roulette

“Lightning Roulette” is not a slot game but rather an innovative live casino game created by Evolution Gaming. It is a unique take on traditional European roulette that adds high-payout RNG (Random Number Generator) lucky number wins to every game round. Here is a stylized review based on the features and gameplay that players might typically experience in “Lightning Roulette”:


Evolution Gaming’s “Lightning Roulette” merges the classic roulette experience with electrifying features that add extra chances to win big. The game has been highly praised since its release, earning it several awards in the online gaming industry.

Visuals and Presentation:

“Lightning Roulette” boasts a visually stunning studio set-up with an Art Deco theme, creating a sophisticated and luxurious gaming environment. The black and gold color scheme, combined with impressive lightning effects, adds to the game’s intense and electrifying atmosphere. The live dealer is equally polished, managing the game with professional finesse while maintaining the excitement.


The fundamental gameplay of “Lightning Roulette” is based on standard European Roulette rules: a wheel with 37 pockets, a betting table where players can place their wagers, and the usual assortment of inside and outside bets. However, what sets this game apart is the addition of Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts. In each game round, up to five numbers are struck by lightning and awarded multiplied payouts of between 50x and 500x. These multipliers provide the potential for much larger wins than in regular roulette.

User Experience:

Players of “Lightning Roulette” will find an intuitive user interface that makes placing bets simple, whether on desktop or mobile devices. The game includes a detailed statistics panel that can help seasoned players make strategic betting decisions based on the history of spins. The live chat feature also enables lively interaction with the dealer and other players, enhancing the communal casino experience.

Special Features:

The key feature that distinguishes “Lightning Roulette” is the RNG Lucky Number wins. After bets are placed, the RNG randomly selects the Lucky Numbers with corresponding Lucky Payouts. This feature can be particularly attractive for players seeking the thrill of high payouts without departing from the traditional roulette mechanics.

Payouts and RTP:

While traditional roulette bets pay at their usual rates, the RTP (Return to Player) in “Lighting Roulette” for a straight-up bet is slightly lower due to the addition of the Lucky Payouts. However, this is balanced by the potential for significantly higher payouts if the ball lands on a Lucky Number. The overall RTP of the game is generally competitive with other live roulette offerings.


“Lightning Roulette” by Evolution Gaming has successfully combined the time-honored game of roulette with an energizing, modern twist. Its impressive studio design, the added excitement of RNG multipliers, and the professional live dealers create a captivating experience that attracts a wide range of players. Those looking for a traditional game with the added possibility of hitting big multipliers will likely find “Lightning Roulette” to be a thrilling and innovative choice.

Please note this review is based on the general characteristics of the game and should be used for informational purposes only. Players are advised to check the game rules and play responsibly.